Greetings from
Kenneth J. Brewer, Sr. 
Executive Director
I extend warm greetings to you. It is an exciting time to be a part of the rebirth of the H Street Community. The growth that I have witnessed in the past year as the newly selected Executive Director of the H Street CDC is outstanding.

Businesses and neighbors are bustling about all the possibilities. H Street CDC is establishing itself as a partner in the economic development and revitalization along the corridor. We are focused on enacting our mission of engaging in community and economic development projects that positively impact communities in the District of Columbia. Therefore, I welcome an opportunity to engage our stakeholders who share similar, as well as different, ideas, plans and goals to determine how we can work collaboratively on behalf of the corridor and H Street Community. 

My door is always open as I welcome potential partnerships and friendships that will cohesively solidify the H Street Community.

Best regards,

Kenneth J. Brewer, Sr. 

Welcome from
Wallacetine Taliaferro-Curtis
Board of Directors Chair
I enthusiastically welcome each of you to the H Street Community Development Corporations (HSCDC) website and personally invite you to visit our HSCDC headquarters located at 900 2nd Street NE. I have lived and worked in the Near Northeast community over 60 years. I am deeply proud of the sweeping changes from the Great Street Project to economic revitalization and the economic and development opportunities and empowerment HSCDC has fostered in this and other neighborhoods across the city. Much has changed over the years, including HSCDC.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our focus and mission to engage in community and economic development projects that positively impact communities in the District of Columbia remain constant. Welcome all neighbors and friends old and new.

I look forward to seeing you.

Best regards,

Wallacetine Taliaferro-Curtis
H Street Community Development Corporation (HSCDC) is a private, nonprofit organization, established in 1984 by residents, business owners, financial institutions, and government, to restore the riot-torn H Street corridor and residential neighborhood by developing vacant land and attracting new business. As the development vehicle, the Community Development Corporation— is a non-profit corporation blending the energies of community activists with the financial resources of government and private lenders .

HSCDC created a unique model tailored to the needs of the community. While most Community Development Corporations concentrated on housing, HSCDC established a different approach. Through commercial development, HSCDC worked to create jobs, generate business prosperity, and achieve visible improvements at blighted properties in the community. HSCDC quickly set out to revitalize economically troubled neighborhoods by developing housing and commercial projects. 

Early development successes included the John A Wilson Building, which created 1200 jobs and provided offices for government social-service agencies, and low-and moderate-rate rental and for-sale housing in Wards 2, 5, and 6. Over time, HSCDC has emerged to further serve the entire District of Columbia through a number of programs for small businesses, enrichment programs for high school youth, scholarship program, and continuing development of brick and mortar commercial, retail and housing projects. 

HSCDC's core capacity is the ability to revitalize, strengthen, and cultivate neighborhoods. After the riots, HSCDC emerged as a leader in the community by spearheading the revitalization of the H Street corridor through adjacent neighborhoods and concentrated on commercial and retail efforts that created jobs and initiated community cohesiveness through a collaborative process that involved HSCDC members, elected officials, corridor vendors and merchants, and neighbors of HSCDC. 

Inherent in its core, HSCDC is an experienced community development corporation committed to neighborhood revitalization efforts that include the creation and retention of affordable housing and developing commercial retail opportunities.
Community Global Initiative (CGI)

The Goal of the CGI program is to introduce urban teenagers to global experiences through studying languages and culture from other countries.
John A. Wilson Scholarship

Making it possible for worthy students to achieve a college education and compete in the high-tech global economy.

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