The H Street Community Development Corporation strives to create, preserve, and increase the availability of affordable housing and economic opportunities for the District of Columbia residents, through advocacy, investments, and partnerships.



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Kenneth J. Brewer, Sr.  Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth J. Brewer, Sr.
Chief Executive Officer

H Street Community Development Corporation (HSCDC) is a market-minded nonprofit that focuses on the community and economic development and sustainability of Washington, DC. We thrive on our impressive history, yet we are positioned as the District’s leader in preserving affordable housing, increasing green initiatives, improving public education, and ending homelessness within District boundaries. Therefore, I welcome opportunities to engage stakeholders who share similar, as well as, emergent ideas, plans and goals to partner in positively impacting the daily lives of all Washingtonians.

I have an open door policy. Come by. Let’s talk about how HSCDC can facilitate partnerships, forge relationships, and make friendships to make the magic of the H Street Corridor replicable and expand the vision of revitalization for the enjoyment of all residents in the District. 

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HSCDC is a Facilitator with “an impressive history– influencing the future.” Our core capacity is to revitalize, strengthen, and cultivate neighborhoods.

We realize our youth to be the District’s greatest asset; and we invest in them through a scholarship for studies in global technology and through our cultural competency foundation.

HSCDC pioneered the boom in revitalization of the H Street Corridor; and now we mind our mission of retaining affordable housing within District borders.

We accomplish great impact in part with our Corporate Sponsors, District Government, Neighborhood Commissions, and volunteers.

HSCDC engages in projects that positively impact District of Columbia communities– affordable housing, social services, and government offices.

We have an open door policy. Come on by. Let’s talk about how HSCDC can facilitate partnerships and forge relationships to make the District shine!